Review: A game with Past Simple

Past Simple tense

How well do you know the Present Simple tense? Revision test

Review: Stative verbs

Investigating the first Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving:


  You are the historian:Investigating the first Thanksgiving
  • Fact or myth? -- Is what you think about the 1621 harvest celebration really true?
  • The evidence -- This actual letter a colonist wrote about the 1621 celebration stands as primary-source evidence of what happened.
  • The Wampanoag people -- Learn how the Wampanoag of 1621 lived and gave thanks through the four seasons.
  • The English colonists -- Visit a colonist's home to learn how the family prepared for the 1621 celebration.
  • The path to 1621 -- Learn about events that led up to the celebration of 1621.

Once you have explored the webpages in detail prepared a brief composition to read in class

Friday: I said it´s Friday !!!!!


Animated short movie by Camille Verninas created at Supinfocom Valenciennes, now MOPA, France: "Pink Lady".  A classic fairy tale with a twist.

Corto de animación de Camille Verninas, realizado en Supinfocom Valenciennes, ahora MOPA, Francia: "Dama rosa". Un cuento de hadas clásico con un nuevo enfoque.

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Hi students!

These are some useful links to work your LISTENING and GRAMMAR SKILLS.


Listening + Grammar exercises


Buenos días , os dejo aquí los materiales que he preparado de :
English Festivals

son para todos mis alumnos. Podeís consultarlos sin problemas, solo teneís que pinchar en los cuadros que a su vez son diferentes links, gramáticas o app, y el symbaloo os lleva.
He puesto un enlace también en la izquierda del blog para que en el futuro sea más fácil acceder a ellos.

Ahora puedes pinchar en la foto: o AQUÍ

Rosco galáctico para aprender y repasar vocabulario en inglés

Juego similar a Pasapalabra para repasar el vocabulario en inglés.


Here´s a listening exercise on the family.

It´s in American English so don´t worry if you find it difficult.

The important thing is that you expose yourselves to the language as much as possible.
Good luck!!!


Here I collected a few more webpages to help you practice your English. The first link is really good. You can even send compositions and get them corrected. There´s everything.

The rest is for further practice on past simple to be and regular past tenses




Click on this link and revise the pronunciation of the regular past tenses. Listen to the stories

and do the quiz. Don´t worry if you don´t get the right /t/ or /d/ pronunciation.

Pronunciation: Take the Challenge


FIRST Click on this SITE and listen to this student learning regular past tenseshttp:

THEN, take the challenge. Don´t worry if you don´t manage to distinguish the /t/ /d/ pronunciations of ED.


Write the question for these answers.

1____________________________? "M,A,R,T,I,N,E,Z"

2_________________________mother ? She´s fine, thanks.

3_______________________________? "peine".

4_______________________________? My friends are from Spain.

5______________________________? No, she doesn´t. She studies French.

6_______________________________? He does exercise at the weekend.

7____________________________? I speak English and French.


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Animated short movie by Sam Wade and Beth Tomashek, graduates of Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida, US: "Dust Buddies".  I will not be so confident anymore when I do the vacuuming.

Corto de animación de Sam Wade y Beth Tomashek, graduadas de Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida, EE.UU : "Compañeros de polvo". Ya no voy a pasar la aspiradora tan tranquilo.

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The Simple Past

Video: Selfie from Hell

Summarize the video, send the brief composition to my email.

Games to learn English

Divertidos juegos para aprender inglés.

7 reglas de oro para aprender a hablar inglés

La web Lavozdelmuro nos da 7 buenos consejos para aprender a hablar inglés.

Vocabulary: restaurants

Vocabulary : around the town

Stative verbs

Oral exam: first term

Picture description.

Introduce the photo: This photo shows…. I can see
Locationon the left/right , in the middle, at the front/back
The people (appearance and actions) She looks sad. He is reading
Your opinion: I think…. I like it because…

First Term a photo description ( tips)

 In the picture I can see a(n)
 - baby - child - a teenager - an adult - an old person 

* Remember you are describing a picture so , when talking about age you can only guess. Therefore, you can’t say: She is 36…. Because you don’t know .
 Use instead:
 I think she is / she looks…. - in her early/mid/late forties/fifties/ teens
 - He’s middle –aged - (probably) about 30 - old /young


• Length : short, medium-length , long 
• Appearance: Wavy /weivi/ , curly / k3:li/ , straight /streit/
 • Hair colour : black, brown, fair, red, white. He’s bald ( no hair)
 • Facial hair : a beard /biәd/ , a moustache /mәs’ta:∫ /, goatee /gәu’ti:/, sideburns
 • Hairstyles: braids, ponytail, pigtail, bun Ex. Her hair is in a pigtail 


. • Sentence starters - He is well dressed - He is wearing casual clothes - He is wearing formal/informal clothes. - He is wearing fashionable clothes

 • He is smartly dressed / He is wearing smart clothes

 • Materials
 - Cotton… he is wearing a blue cotton shirt
 - Silk…….she is wearing a silk blouse 
- Woolly …. she is wearing a woolly jumper
 - Leather …. she is wearing a leather jacket
 - Denim …… she is wearing

• It has… - short / long sleeves - buttons - a zip Ex: He is wearing a striped blue shirt with short sleeves and red buttons and a leather jacket. ….

• She’s wearing small earrings 
• She’s got a nose ring and a small tattoo on her shoulder
 • She’s carrying a handbag , rucksack 


 She looks……tired, excited, nervous, worried, bored, happy, sad, angry…. ( can you add any others?)
 *One way to improve your description would be using intensifiers such as.:
 Quite/ a bit/ very/ really, rather…

 ( Can you think of any others)
 EX. She looks a bit tired because she … She seems a bit nervous 
 They look quite happy because she is smiling / laughing
 He seems very sad because he is crying
 They both look rather worried 
 She looks as if she’s going to cry
 She looks as if she is going to laugh

They’ve both got blonde hair/ They are both wearing jeans

 - Adding opinions: 

-Her shoes look expensive. 
- He’s wearing really nice clothes
 - She’s about 1.80. ;that’s really tall 
I can see a woman (and she’s) sitting on the sofa.
 - The man is wearing as suit. 
- He must be on his way to work
- He must be late because he looks stressed


 • You have to describe a colour photograph
 • Describe the place, the people in the photo and what they are doing, any important objects and where they are
 • Imagine you are describing the picture to someone who can’t see. Include the name of the objects, and describe colours, people’s clothes, the weather and so on.
 • Talk about facts and impressions: There’s a…/ she looks.. 
• If you don’t understand what is happening in the photo, just escribe what you can see 
• Try to sound interested and curious about the subject of your photo; avoid giving a boring “list” of things you can see. 
• Learn expressions to use when you won’t know the word for something, e.g I don’t know what it’s called in English, but it’s like/ it’s a kind of…It’s a th

Easy Peasy! Have a nice weekend!

Present Simple and Continuous

Present continuous explained.

Present simple and continuous explanation and exercises.
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4