1º ESO, clase, jueves 30 de abril : TEST UNIT 8

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2º C, Clase jueves 30 de abril: workbook


(page 70)
7.Name of programme:Britain’s Got Talent
When it’s on:Saturday evenings
What it’s about:it’s a competition
Who’s in it:singers, dancers and three judges
Why I like it:because it’s fun and the performers are
usually really good.

Sentence that doesn’t support the main idea:
The Queen is quite old.

8. Accept all logical answers.

9. Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers.


1. 1. alarm clock 4. lawnmower
2. drill 5. Latin
3. saxophone

2. 1. explore, trek 4. horns, ears
2. pleasant, shady 5. suitcase, wallet
3. coach, referee

3. 1. an 4. much
2. a lot of 5. How many
3. any

4. 1. Are there 4. There is
2. There isn’t 5. There are
3. Is there

5. 1. his 4. mine
2. ours 5. theirs
3. hers

6. 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. c 5. a

7. 1. That hairdryer isn’t mine.
2. There is a lot of noise from the neighbour’s lawnmower.
3. Are there any country songs on your MP4 player?
4. There isn’t much cold air but the air conditioner is working.
5. Many people like reggae music.

8. 1. mind 4. don’t really
2. really like 5. I can’t stand
3. I just love

9. 1, 2, 5

10. 1. There are a lot of drums in this shop.
2. We always use the air conditioner in the summer.
3. There isn’t much noise in our school.
4. This hairdryer isn’t mine. It’s his / hers.
5. I can’t stand classical music. It’s too boring.

WORKBOOK FOR NEXT DAY: pages 73, 74 and 75

2ºESO, clase jueves 30 de abril

Review, KEY: 

a) x water                          b) an egg           c) x cheese
d) x meat                          e) a banana      f) a hamburger
g) a meal                           h) x fish               i) x tea
j) a cup                                               k) x sugar          l) an apple
m) x rice                            n) x bread         o) an orange
p) a sandwich                 q) a cookie       r) a sausage

1. Is there ANY butter left? – No, there’s NO butter.
2. How MANY lemons are there? I think two.
3. There aren’t MANY strawberries. Do you want me to buy SOME more?
4. Oh no! There’s isn’t MUCH juice. Just one carton.
5. There are LOTS OF soda cans but only A bottle of beer.
6. There are only a FEW sausages, right? – No, there are plenty.
7. We need SOME more pears. There aren’t MANY left.
8. There aren’t ANY eggs in the fridge.
9. There is LOTS OF fruit in the fridge but only FEW/SOME vegetables.
10. How MUCH cheese is there? There is only LITTLE/SOME cheese left.


ONE, Click HERE 

TWO, click HERE

2º ESO, clase miércoles 29 de abril

KEY: sentences.

1.- Our neighbourhood has never been very noisy. However, in an ordinary day you can hear car horns, sirens or builders working with noisy machinery until very late at night in ours.
2.- Some shopkeepers have put an electronic tool outside to keep teenagers away. They don’t want many of them to frighten their customers or paint on their shopwindows.

      3.-How much money do you need to record a CD? The answer is much/ a lot of money. Then,        most people download music from the Internet and the musicians don’t get much money from their records

     4.-I haven’t spent my pocket money yet. I want to buy a sound system and I’d like to improve my rythm while I’m listening to music

5.-  Whose hairdryer is this? Is it yours? No, it isn’t, it belongs to Susan, I think it’s hers, it isn’t mine. But, the blender and the electric shaver are Paul’s. 

6-  Which musicians do you suggest for the party? We love pop and rock, but we can’t stand hard rock, the music is too loud. How about Latin music? I don’t mind, but girls don’t really like dancing to salsa.

7-  Excuse me, can you help me? Of course, what can I do for you? Have you got a complaint form? This shirt has got a stain on it and it’s torn. I’m sorry about that. Let me get you a new one.

8.-  My mother-in-law is always complaining about the noise of her neighbours. She is thinking about using headsets. She says that when she hears a sudden noise, her brain sends a danger signal and her heart works too quickly. 


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1º ESO, clase miércoles 29 de abril


page 107

At the Museum

1. 1. Roman Art
2. History Room
3. 10.00 am
4. 8.00 pm
 5. 23 Vine Street, London
6. ++44(0) 20 7529 5403
7. £6.00
8. £33.00

3. A: Excuse me, where’s the café?
B: It’s on the first floor, next to the Great Hall.
A: Are there any toilets on this floor?
B: Yes, they’re next to the Red Gallery.
A: What exhibition do you recommend for children?
B: Children Then and Now. It’s in the Children’s Gallery.

4. 1. b 4. f
2. d 5. c
3. a 6. e

page 108

Correct It!
1. studied
2. didn’t go
3. What did Brian do
4. bought
5. Did ... have

Homework for tomorrow : study carefully the vocabulary of Unit 8.  TEST

1º ESO, clase martes 28 de abril


page 105

7. 1. b
2. c
3. f
4. g
5. i
page 106

1.When: Saturday
Who: Jenny, Melanie and Daniel
Activities: went hiking, built a model aeroplane,
downloaded music, went to the cinema
Opinion of the day: great / special day

Writing Help >> Connectors of Sequence
2. 1. first
2. finally
3. then, next

3. prepared lunch, built model aeroplane, showed Uncle John
how to download music, went to the cinema

4. 1. First
2. Then / Next
3. Next / Then
4. Finally

WORKBOOK: pages 68,69 and 70

READING (page 68)

1. 1. e 2. c 3. f 4. a 5. b 6. d

2. 1. prepared his dinner or did his laundry
2. Sunday
3. visited his father in prison
4. sister
5. a better life

REAL ENGLISH (page 69)

. 1. build a model 6. bake a cake
2. go hiking 7. water the plants
3. wash the dishes 8. do the laundry
4. write e-mails 9. download music
5. paint 10. prepare dinner

2. 1. I must paint my room.
2. I must prepare dinner.
3. I must do the laundry.
4. I must write e-mails.
5. I must buy some shoes to go hiking.

3.1. went to the sports centre
2. Lucky
3. walked on
4. didn’t paint
5. interesting

4. 1. Nina
2. Pete
3. Miss Jackson
4. Lucky

5. 1. What did you do at the weekend
2. Who did you go with
3. did you go
4. When did you get home
5. Did you have a good time

(page 70)

6. Saturday was a great day! First, I met my friends at the
sports centre. Then, we had lunch at Chez Café. Next, we
went to a museum and saw some amazing dinosaurs. Finally,
we went to a fantastic science fiction film.

7. 1. First
2. Then / Next
3. Next / Then
4. Finally

8. 1. e 2. f 3. d 4. c 5. a 6. b

9. Possible Answer
Yesterday, I went cycling with Ed. First, there were sheep on
the road. Then, I fell. Next, it started to rain. Finally, we got
home at 7 o’clock. It wasn’t a good day.

for tomorrow: Student´s book page 107 and Correct it

Workbook activities for the next week: Check your progress pages 70 &71

2º ESO, martes 28 de abril.

Download the KEY : test vocabulary Unit 8, HERE

Translate these sentences and   have fun!                ….……………………..………………………………
1.       Nuestro vecindario no ha sido nunca muy ruidoso. Sin embargo, en un día normal, puedes oír bocinas de coches, sirenas, o a albañiles trabajando con maquinaria ruidosa hasta muy tarde por la noche en el nuestro.
2.       Algunos propietarios de tiendas han colocado una herramienta electrónica fuera para mantener a los adolescentes alejados. No quieren que muchos de ellos asusten a sus clientes o pinten en sus escaparates.
3.       ¿Cuánto dinero necesitas para grabar un CD? La respuesta es mucho dinero. Luego, la mayoría de la gente se descarga música de internet y los músicos no obtienen mucho dinero de sus discos.
4.       No he gastado mi paga aún. Quiero comprarme un equipo de sonido y me gustaría mejorar el ritmo mientras estoy escuchando música.
5.       ¿De quién es este secador? ¿Es tuyo? No, pertenece a Susan, creo que es suyo, no es mío. Pero la batidora y la maquinilla de afeitar son de Paul.
6.       ¿Qué músicos sugerís para la fiesta? Nos encanta el pop y el rock, pero no soportamos el rock duro, la música es demasiado alta. ¿Qué tal música latina? Me da igual, pero a las chicas no les gusta mucho bailar salsa.
7.       Perdone, ¿puede ayudarme? Por supuesto, ¿qué puedo hacer por usted? ¿Tienen hojas de reclamación? Esta camisa tiene una mancha y está rasgada. Lo siento mucho. Déjeme traerle una nueva.
8.       Mi suegra siempre se está quejando por el ruido de sus vecinos. Está pensando en usar cascos. Dice que cuando oye un ruido repentino, su cerebro envía una señal de peligro y su corazón funciona demasiado deprisa.


2º ESO, clase lunes 27 de abril: TEST VOCABULARY UNIT 8

Download the test Unit 8 HERE

1º ESO, clase lunes 27 de abril


page 104

2. Possible Answers
1. Joey prepared dinner on Monday.
2. He didn’t bake a cake on Tuesday.
3. He did the laundry and washed the dishes on
4. He didn’t water the plants on Wednesday.
5. He didn’t download music on Thursday.
6. He wrote e-mails on Friday.
7. He built a model on Saturday.
8. He went hiking on Sunday.
9. He didn’t paint on Sunday


4.prepare dinner, wash the dishes, write e-mails, build a
model, paint
5. 1. 4
2. eggs
3. their grandparents
 4. a model car
 5. No, she didn’t.
 6. paint
6. 1. a party 2. more than half an hour

Activities: page 105: 7 and 8
                  page 106: 1, 2 ,3 and 4

2º ESO,clase jueves 23 de abril

page 107

2. 1. can you help
2. There’s a problem with
3. is broken
4. I’m sorry
5. Thanks

3. 1. D 2. B 3. C 4. A

page 108

Correct It!
1. is 4. yours
2. How much 5. Their
3. many

Activities for Monday,27th

 Test: Vocabulary Unit 8

Send me the activities to this email: inglesduques2.0@gmail.com

1º ESO, clase jueves 23 de abril.

Key: page 103

1. We don’t add -ed to irregular verbs in the Past Simple
1. Did 2. did 3. didn’t

Regular Irregular
learn – learned buy – bought
invite – invited have – had
be – was
know – knew
begin – began
win – won

3. thought
2. sang
3. put
4. taught
5. sent
 6. said
 7. went
8. did
9. ran

4. 1. gave 6. knew
2. didn’t know 7. began
3. learned 8. finished
4. was 9. died
5. lived 10. wrote

5. 1. is 9. her
2. began 10. has got
3. finished 11. The
4. was 12. don’t go
5. was 13. study
6. bought 14. can
7. quickly 15. writes
8. there were 16. There is

6. 1. Where; the USA
2. start; at the age of four
3. How many; four
4. do; at home
5. speak; four

NOW, when you finished, send me the images of activities to this email:


Activites for Monday: 

page 104 : Listen and repeat+ 1, 2 and 3

Listen and repeat: listen HERE

Listening , click HERE, 4, 5 AND 6

2ºC ESO , WORKBOOK, clase jueves 23


(page 68)
1. 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. T

2. 1. a. your mother and sister having a loud discussion
b. your brother watching TV
2. a. water running in a river
b. the wind blowing in a forest
3. They can listen to recordings of natural sounds on CDs.
4. the sounds of cars on the street
5. their favourite types of music

REAL ENGLISH (page 69)

1. 1. rap 4. country
2. reggae 5. hard rock
3. classical 6. jazz

2. 1. classical 5. hard rock
2. pop 6. hip-hop
3. Latin 7. R&B
4. reggae

6. 1. I think 4. really likes
2. just love 5. can’t stand
3. don’t really

Activities for the next  Thursday
pages: 70, 71 and 72

1º and 2º ESO: TEST VOCABULARY UNIT 8 : important

 1º ESO:   Thursday, 30th of April

 2º ESO : Monday 27 th of April

2º ESO, miércoles 22 de abril

Key : 
page 105

7. 1. just love
2. I think
3. mind
4. don’t really
5. really likes
6. can’t stand

page 106

1. Name of musician or band: Justin Bieber
From: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Type of music: pop and R&B
Instruments: guitar, piano, drums, trumpet
My favourite album: My World
My favourite song: One Time
Writing Help >> Paragraph Structure

4. 1, 2, 4

Activities for tomorrow:

page 107: 1, 3
page 108 Correct it

1º ESO, miércoles 22 de abril

Key  page 102

Reading 1.
 1. Connie Talbot’s parents bought her a karaoke machine
for £39.99.
2. Connie Talbot had three albums by the age of eight. /
Kim Ung-yong was born on 8th March.
3. Connie Talbot had three albums by the age of eight. /
Kim Ung-yong knew Japanese, Korean, English and
German by the age of three.
4. Kim Ung-yong has got an IQ of 210.
5. When Kim Ung-yong was seven years old, NASA
invited him to study in the USA.
6. Fu Mingxia won the World Swimming Championships
at the age of 12.

2. 1. musical – Connie Talbot
2. athletic – Fu Mingxia
3. academic – Akrit Jaswal, Kim Ung-yong

3. 1. Because most people think of geniuses like Mozart and
Lope de Vega when they think about child prodigies.
2. He learned medicine at home from medical textbooks.
3. She used a karaoke machine.
4 Because his IQ is higher than any other person in
the world.
5. Because she was the first person in the world to become
a world champion at the young age of 12.

6. 1. True
2. False. His career started when he was 13 years old.
3. True
4. True
5. False. He died at an old age.

7. mention: 1, 3 don’t mention: 2, 4


 Then and Now
Something special about the prodigy
Jay Luo
graduated from Boise State University when he was twelve years old.
Shirley Temple
acting / directing
received a special Academy Award when she was seven years old.
Alexandra Nechita
visual arts
had her own exhibition when she was
eight years old.
Jeremy Bentham
law / philosophy
studied Latin when he was three years old.
Fu Mingxia
was an Olympic gold medallist at 13 years old.


page 103: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6