1ºy 2º ESO, martes 16 de junio

2 ESO, actividades lunes 15 de Junio

watch this video:

1º ESO, clase lunes 15 de junio

Watch this video and copy the grammar you can listen

2º ESO, clase lunes 8 de junio

KEY: exercise about PAST, download HERE


Buenas tardes a todos, las sesiones de evaluación han finalizado hoy. Mañana Viernes día 5 de Junio se os va a dar las notas vía Racima.

Quisiera felicitaros en persona, pero dada la situación que estamos viviendo, es imposible. Por todo ello lo quiero hacer desde aquí, ENHORABUENA A TODOS por el trabajo que habéis hecho durante este extraño tercer trimestre. He estado encantada con todos vosotros y espero que paséis un buen verano. ¡¡¡¡¡OS LO HABÉIS GANADO, DISFRUTARLO !!!!

A PARTIR DE MAÑANA no colgaré actividades del libro de clase. Haré otro tipo de tareas para aquellos que quieran continuar..... estarán encaminadas a superar el curso para aquellos que no lo han hecho. Los que lo deseen pueden seguir enviándomelas, ya no serán obligatorias si tenéis el curso aprobado.

Para los SUSPENSOS o con el INGLÉS PENDIENTE DE 1º., mañana se os enviará por RACIMA las tareas que debereis hacer para superar la prueba extraordinaria, así como una serie de INSTRUCCIONES para su realización y envío.

2º ESO, clase jueves 4 de junio

Exercise about  PAST SIMPLE OR CONTINUOUS download HERE

1ºESO, clase jueves 4 de junio

  KEY: extension 

(page 1)
3.    1.  liked                 2.  didn’t see         3.  didn’t sell          4.  sent                  5.  made
(page 2)
4.    1.  When did Elizabeth begin working?
       2.  What did Elizabeth do in Mr Burwell’s house?
       3.  Why did Mr Burwell hit Elizabeth?
       4.  What did Mr Burwell’s son sell?
       5.  Who gave Elizabeth money?
5.    1.  Elizabeth began working at age four.
       2.  She helped with his baby.
       3.  Because the baby fell from her bed and Mr Burwell was angry.
       4.  He sold clothes.
       5.  Elizabeth’s master gave her money.
6.    Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers.

Podcast about Burgers all around the USA by Kelli and Chris, our American teachers. 

Podcast : HERE

1) Listen to the first five minutes and complete these sentences

1. The impossible burger is a …………………………. burger
2. Chris thinks vegetarian burgers depend on their …………………………, but a perfect meat burger only needs ……………………………, cheese and …………………………….
3. Chris inherited his love for hamburgers from his ………………………..
4. At university, the first time Chris cooked a hamburger. It was ………………………….

2) Listen to the next five minutes (5’ to 10’) and decide if the sentences are true or false.

1. Chris likes lots of different toppings on his hamburgers
2. The steamed cheeseburger or steam ham comes from Connecticut.
3. This burger is one of the most beautiful burgers in America.
4. Kelli and Chris love the Wisconsin burger.
5. Chris thinks boiling hot dogs is super freaky.
6. Kelli and Chris do not like boiled onions.
3) Optional activity. Listen to the rest of the podcast and choose a burger you would like to try, give reasons.

If you need the transcriptions you can download HERE

1º ESO


2º ESO, clase miércoles 3 de junio

KEY : extension 8

(page 1)
2.  1.  a lot of; T            3.  any; T            5.  much; F
     2.  any; F                 4.  a; T                6.  ours; F
    (page 2)
3.  1.  It can help us to work, learn and study.
     2.  Because almost all the rats went into the box with classical music.
     3.  They died.
     4.  It helps patients sleep better and feel calmer.
4.  Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers.

Exercise about Past simple-Past continuous with key, download HERE

2º ESO, martes 2 de junio

Download this worksheet HERE

1ºESO, clase martes 2º de junio

KEY: Extension

1.    a.  gold                   b.  statues               c.  tomb
3.    1.  was                    3.  isn’t                    5.  There is               7.  wasn’t
       2.  There aren’t         4.  there are             6.  There were
(page 2)
4.    1.  He was in Illinois last week.
       2.  It’s gold / yellow.
       3.  There are five bedrooms.
       4.  They can put their cars (in three small pyramids) in the garden.
       5.  There were ancient Egyptian art and models.
5.    Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers.


11.-       Can I talk to you? – No, you can´t. I ______________________ (have) a bath.
2.2.-       She ______________________ (listen) to music every morning.
3.3.-       We ______________________ (not/like) metal music, we ______________________ (prefer) rock.
4. 4.-      When he ______________________ (see) the accident yesterday, he ______________________  (help) the driver.
5.5.-       What ______________________  (you/do)? – I ______________________  (look) for my glasses.
6.6.-       They ______________________  (bring/always) presents when they ______________________  (visit) us.
7.7.-       When we ______________________  (be) younger, we ______________________ (think) Prague was in France.
8.8.-       He ______________________(not/win) the award in 2006.
99.-.       That´s typical! He ______________________ (want) to win every time he ______________________ (participate) in a competition. 
110.    Why ______________________ (you/bring) that toy to school last week? – Because I ______________________ (want) to show it to my schoolmates.
111.    Be quiet, please. My children ______________________ (try) to sleep.
112.    They ______________________(not/go) to school at weekends.
113.    Why ______________________(you/believe) him? He ______________________(tell/never) the truth. He ______________________(lie/always).
114.    She ______________________ (decide) to visit London last month. She ______________________ (meet) interesting people, ______________________ (see) wonderful sights, and ______________________ (enjoy) herself a lot.
115.    Where ______________________ (she/be)? I ______________________ (wait) for her.
116.    ______________________ (they/know) that water ______________________ (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius?
117.    My parents ______________________ (build) the house in 1985.
118.    He ______________________ (not/marry) her because she ______________________ (break) up with him last year.
119.    Look at her! She ______________________ (sit) in the park over there. Isn´t she wonderful?
220.    ______________________ (he/like) the book he _____________________ (borrow) yesterday?