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For those of you who will be taking the First Certificate exam on December 13, we have some useful tips that will help you to ‘keep it cool’ on the big day:

1. Give yourself enough time to study
Feeling stressed because you might not be able to finish your preparation in time will not help you get a good result. It’s better to have some time left at the end of you planning, than to be short of it.

2. Organize your study space well
Make sure you have a comfortable spot where you can work on your exam preparation. Is there enough light? Is your chair comfortable? Is the table adjusted to the correct height? It’s important to check these things.

3. Take regular study breaks
Your brain can’t function well if it’s overloaded by information. Therefore, it’s important to take regular breaks: go for a short walk, drink a cup of tea, call a friend. Anything to take your mind off your exam for a little while.

4. Eat foods that will give your brain a ‘boost’
Scientists have proven that certain types of food are good for your memory, such as nuts, fish, yoghurt and seeds. Try to fit these into your diet as your preparing for your exam. And avoid any type of junk food! Increasing the sugar levels in your brain too much will make your energy levels crash later on.

5. Plan your exam day
Know at what time you have to be there and how long it will take you to get there, what you will have to bring, what the requirements are, etc. You will feel more confident when you go into the exam well-prepared.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before
It is better to go to bed early and get enough sleep than to stay up all night going over everything you’ve studied for the past months. The brain needs time to ‘organize’ all the information you’ve been feeding it and it will do so while you’re asleep.

Best of luck to everyone! Go get 'em!


Hi, everybody.
If you are taking a Computer Based exam from Cambridge you will find really useful this tests where you can see how a Computer Based exam works.


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Free English Exercises!

The International House Website  has some fantastic exercises which you can use to test your english level. Using the Common European Framework (CEF) you can try out exercises ranging frorm A2 - C2.



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